What’s it’s like to blow up thousands of balloons for an art exhibit

We have officially finished blowing for the opening of the Martin Creed exhibit in Seattle. After many day and an awesome crew of 11+ —approximately 37,000 balloons have been blown.

Thank you to everyone who helped on this large project.

See the photos.


40000balloons_1 40000balloons_20 40000balloons_19 40000balloons_18 40000balloons_17 40000balloons_16 40000balloons_15 40000balloons_14 40000balloons_13 40000balloons_12 40000balloons_11 40000balloons_10 40000balloons_9 40000balloons_8 40000balloons_7 40000balloons_6 40000balloons_5 40000balloons_4 40000balloons_3 40000balloons_2